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Price Computing Scales for sale in the Central Carolina Scale Electronic Catalog


Price computing scales are always available at Central Carolina Scale. No other supplier stocks as many produce scales as we do. These digital scales are easy to use and can save you tons of time when selling your strawberries or grapes by the pound to your farmers market customers. The basic operation of the scale is very simple. Just place an empty container on the scale platform. Then, press the "tare" button. Now you can add your fresh fruits or vegetables to the container and enter the price you want to charge your customer by the pound. The scale will then calculate the total price the customer owes you. The weight display is located on both the front of the scale and the back of the scale so your customer can easily see the weight, price per pound, and the total cost. No more hunting around for a calculator or using pencil and paper to come up with a total price.

These legal for trade scales are available in many different variations. If you need scales that display price per ounce we can accomodate that. If you need a price computing scale with printer we can do that too. In fact some of our basic scales have an optional label printer available. We have a small price computing scale and we have large versions too. Each scale normally comes with user manual and ac adapter. Give us a call and we'll even give you honest reviews to help you make an intelligent buying decision. We'll even sell you a CM-101 price computing scale if that is what you want. We look all around the globe for high quality weighing products that our customers will appreciate. Many of our price computing scales are made in China but we do have a few that are made in other countries if you are interested. For example the Tor-rey scales are mostly made in Mexico and we have the Detecto PC series which is made in America last time we checked.

S2000 JR

CAS S2000 JR Price Computing Scale

Standard Features:
• High Accuracy
• 12" x 8.75" Platform
• Customer display on front & back of unit

• 0~6 x 0.002 lbs / 6~15 x 0.005 lbs
• 0~15 x 0.005 lbs / 15~30 x 0.01 lbs
• 0~30 x 0.01 lbs / 30~60 x 0.02 lbs
Available w/ or w/o pole display

• Fish Platter
• Produce Platter
• Label Printer



Detecto D Series

The market's best value, Detecto's "legal for trade" D series with capacity range from 15 to 60 pounds is the perfect companion for selling candy, berries, coffee beans, nuts and more. Its space-saving size and battery-powered operation mean true portability for use anywhere. This model replaces the Detecto DS retail scale.

This scale features user-friendly keypad and easy-to-read, display take the guesswork out of price calculations. Featuring tare, 115 volt power, the D series works the way you do. D15 is 15 x 0.005 lbs, D30 is 30 x 0.01 lbs and D60 is 60 x 0.02 lbs.

RS 130


Rice Lake RS-130

Rice Lake's "legal for trade" RS 130 with 30 lb capacity is the perfect companion for selling chocolate, fudge, candy and more. Its battery-powered operation means true portability for use anywhere! User-friendly keypad and easy-to-read display take the guesswork out of calculations. The RS 130 works the way you do.

• NTEP-certified, Legal-for-Trade
• Customer display on front/rear of unit
• Switchable between lb's, kg's, or oz's
• Internal sealed battery included
• 8-speed keys for quick price lookups
Computes customer change


Platter: 12" W x 9.5" D

Capacity: 30 x .01 lbs



Ishida Astra with Printer

• Supermarket, deli, C-Store, seafood shop, specialty store

Standard Features
• Programmable function keys
• Store up to 2,000 PLUs

Capacity: 30 x .01 lbs.




  • 200 Total PLU's
  • 1/2 + 1/4 Keys Where Legal

Capacities available: 15 x .005 or 30 x .01 lbs. or 60 x .02 lbs


Torrey PC-40L

Every spring, farmers markets around the country open to display a wide array of fruits and vegetables for the eager consumer. One of the primary purchases a Farmers Market vendor needs to consider is a Legal For Trade price computing scale. This type of scale is a must if the vendor plans to sell their produce based on weight. This is were the PC line of price computing scales from Tor Rey can help.

The PC Series is the standard for farmers markets, produce stands and more. This scale features 100 price memories, 15 direct access keys, stainless steel construction, built-in rechargeable battery and AC adapter. Available in 40 lb or 80 lb capacities


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